Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Container Gardening For Senior Citizens

Fresh air and sunshine have a tendency to make people happy. Most people who have access to the outdoors on a regular basis tend to take this fact for granted. For seniors, spending time cultivating perennials, ferns and other plants outdoors is a great way to incur many benefits. These benefits include a general sense of well-being, a sharper mental state, better moods and increased physical health.

As you age, it becomes important to take care of your mental and physical state. Container gardening is a great way to keep yourself sharp while boosting your health levels. Healthcare professionals consistently laud the benefits of gardening for seniors. Gardening is an exciting hobby that lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress and alleviates depression.

Physically speaking, taking care of garden plants promotes mobility and keeps your fine motor coordination skills sharp. One of the great parts about modern gardening is that it no longer needs to take place in a dirt-filled plot of land. If you are worried about the physicality of gardening in a traditional garden, then you have many other options.

One of the best options for seniors is to grow herbs, perennials, vegetables and other garden plants in containers. Container gardens are much more manageable for those who have a limited amount of space and time for their hobby. These gardens are perfect for someone who requires less strenuous activities but still wants to reap the benefits of spending time outdoors.

When shopping for container gardening supplies, make sure to choose items that are conducive to your living conditions. If you don't have much space, make sure not to plant a tree that requires a lot of room; choose something smaller like some ferns.

Be wary of the area you are going to plant in. Some plants need a lot of sun; others do well in the shade without much water. Also consider the weight of the plants and the containers you plan on keeping them in. If you need to move your plant indoors during the winter, you may end up needing to pick something that is easily moved.

Container gardening gives people of all ages a sense of purpose. Having a garden cultivates a sense of self-worth and promotes physical activity. Seniors benefit greatly when they take part in activities like container gardening.