Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Best Christmas Trees for Home This Season

Christmas is the most amazing time of the year when all homes are decorated for the holiday season. This is the times when most of us are looking for best Christmas trees for our homes. In fact, there are so many of them to choose from that we end up getting confused about which one to buy.

I, personally, love the traditional Christmas live evergreen trees and not the artificial ones. Old fashioned Christmas trees are a real joy and they are most loved for their natural beauty, perfumed foliage and the Christmas feel.

                                                        Photo Credit- Milele/ Flickr

There are many different varieties of dug up or potted ornamental trees that can be bought for Christmas. Many people also love to plant pines, firs and spruce trees in their gardens to decorate them during the holiday season. All these trees have an amazing foliage and many are evergreen in nature.

White Pine

White Pine is an amazing evergreen tree variety native to North America. It is a native tree that supports local wildlife and birds by providing food and shelter. The tree has got amazing green colored foliage and some perfume. The appearance is full and dense which makes it an ideal tree for decorations. It is also known for good needle retention and can be used in many arrangements, decorations and making wreaths.

Photo Credit- Andyarthur/ Flickr

Virginia Pine

Another great variety of pine tree that holds the needles for longer time. It is an adaptable tree that does well in different kinds of soil and climates. It is also known to thrive in Southern  states and hence an ideal choice of tree for people living in southern areas. 
Virginia Pine can grow even in drought conditions without much care and attention. The needles are long and sturdy. This tree is shaped and sold around Christmas for decorations.

Photo Credit- Jason Sturner/ Flickr

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir is a common variety that is extensively used as a Christmas tree throughout the North American region. It is a short tree with dark green colored foliage. The branches are not very sturdy and cannot hold very heavy or huge ornaments. However, it is ideal for light decorations. The tree has a strong pleasant fragrance that lingers for long time

Photo Credit- Nightthree/ Flickr

Other common varieties include White Fur, Scotch Pine, Norway Spruce and White Spruce. All these can make good Christmas trees. You can choose the one that suits you best!