Friday, December 6, 2013

The Breathtaking Beauty of Wildflowers

What can be more cheerful than watching beautiful wildflowers swaying in the wind? It is a common sight in spring season when you can spot thousands of flowers blanketing the valleys, meadows and mountains. It is quite surprising to see these wild plants thrive even in the toughest spots. You can see wildflowers and the native plants lined up besides the highway when you are driving through the countryside. It is a picturesque sight...Every one would love to see something similar on their property. It's obviously not possible to replicate the beauty entirely but by growing some spectacular wildflowers you can achieve similar results.

Photo Credit- Intermountainregionusfs/ Flickr

Wildflowers are very obedient and warm plants that can take on the harsh climate and still manage to wear a smile. Okay not wear a smile, but still manage to look lovely! These plants do not require any care and maintenance as long as they are being planted in their native area. They have adapted so well to the climate and environment over the years that they do not need much attention. You can grow these plants in your home garden for a hassle free landscape.

Photo Credit- Patrick_standish/ Flickr

The seeds, fruit and nectar of these native plants and trees provide for the local wildlife. They are a delight to have in any home garden. You can choose from many colors and species available in most of the wholesale nurseries. Landscaping with wildflowers is best for gardeners who are looking for naturalization. So, if you like neat and manicured lawns then they are probably not meant for you. These native plants will perform their best if you let them be. They will spread rapidly and cover the area in an array of colors.

Photo Credit- dok1/ Flickr

Some must- have wildflowers for a home garden are Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower, Blue Belles, Phlox, Daffodils, Daisy, Poppy, Daylily and so many more to choose from. The list, literally, is endless. You can grow these plants for a splash of brilliant colors in your home garden.